Changes to ARSAC Research Application Process

New online portal for approval of research studies

Published: 04 September 2020 Researchers

ARSAC has launched an online portal to apply for approval of new research studies.

Uploading applications to the portal is a quick and simple way to apply for approval of new research studies from ARSAC. Applicants can monitor the progress of their applications, respond to queries and share access to their submissions with colleagues.

Specific guidance on how to use the online portal is available here including information on how to set up an account. Information on the research process is available on the website.

There is no change to the documents required or the way in which ARSAC reviews applications.

In the future, the ARSAC online portal will be further developed to enable applicants to submit other types of applications including those for research amendments, employer and practitioner licences.

A September 2020 version of the Notes for Guidance has been published to reflect the change to the research application process.


Image: Constantine Johnny/Moment/Getty Images