CoRIPS project seeks respondents for research into radiographers’ mental health

A CoRIPS research project aims to investigate psychological impacts of working as a radiographer

Published: 11 April 2024 Researchers

A College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme research project is seeking to understand the potential psychological impacts of working in radiography.

Fiona Macgregor, a radiographer and  principal lecturer at Teesside University, will be conducting one-on-one interviews from February to December 2024, to understand in more detail how working as a radiographer can impact on mental health.

The College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme aims to support radiography research, with support from radiography industry partners. 

Traumatic and distressing

Fiona explained that new HCPC Radiography Standards (September 2023) advise radiographers to look after their wellbeing and seek support when needed given the traumatic and distressing nature of some clinical cases. 

This research seeks to obtain an understanding of the psychological impact of working as a radiographer, identify how radiographers currently manage their well-being, what support mechanisms are available to them and the barriers and facilitators to accessing support.

Support systems

“We hope to gather the perspectives from radiographers across a range of clinical settings,” she added. “If you agree to participate in the study, you will be asked to take part in an interview with the research team to talk to us about your work, the support systems in the place in which you are working and the impact of cases on your wellbeing.”

HCPC registered Diagnostic Radiographers working in the UK at either a clinical or Higher Education Institute can participate in these online interviews, lasting 30-45 minutes, in which the psychological impacts of working as a radiographer will be explored, together with the strategies used to manage these and the support mechanisms available.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Fiona MacGregor at [email protected], or co-principal investigator Kate Swainston, doctor of Health Psychology, at [email protected]. A £20 Amazon e-voucher is available for participation in this research.