Does the Society and College of Radiographers support ultrasound research? #MUAM

Published: 02 October 2018 Researchers

The Society has a number of schemes which support research and also attendance at conferences. Check out our webpages for more details on the various schemes.

The CoRIPS research grants are specifically aimed at radiographers and sonographers who are members of the Society. They are awarded for projects related to any aspect of the science and practice of radiography and sonography - up to £5000 for small projects and £10,000 for larger.

Since the scheme started we have given out over £54,000 to ultrasound research being conducted by our members. Here are some of the examples of ultrasound related research that have been supported by the scheme:

CoRIPS 029 Nicholas Cantlay - Sonographers' experiences of breaking bad news in prenatal ultrasound. £1500

CoRIPS 041 Ben Stenberg - 3D contract enhanced ultrasound in perfusion studies of early renal transplant. £8230

CoRIPS 050 Elizabeth Chapman - Is there a relationship between ultrasound scanning ability and visuospatial perception of psychomotor ability? Should this type of assessment be employed as a pre-selection tool for ultrasound training? £7758

CoRIPS 069 Catherine Williams - Can simulation training replace initial clinical teaching for doctors learning transvaginal ultrasound? £2403.95

CoRIPS 100 Julia Kennedy - To formulate and implement a reporting system for identification of the percentage and types of congenital heart defects undiagnosed by current antenatal ultrasound screening. £9631

CoRIPS 129 Jane Arezina - What training in difficult news do sonographers have and what impact do sonographers who regularly deliver difficult news think this has on their levels of wellbeing and burnout? £9991.29

CoRIPS 130 Carl Bradbury - The accuracy of the diagnostic pathway for staging of low-mid rectal tumours with endoscopic, MRI and endorectal ultrasound assessment. £9963

CoRIPS 131 Raya Vinogradov - Sequential analysis of uterine artery Doppler waveforms on women at high risk of placenta mediated disease receiving response controlled prophylactic aspirin therapy. £5044

Grant rounds are at the end of April and the beginning of October each year. So make sure you get a submission in.

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