Prostate cancer research grants available up to £300,000

Research funding to focus on tackling racial disparity in prostate cancer

Published: 14 September 2021 Researchers

Prostate Cancer Research (PCR) has just opened its 2021 research grant call, focused on ‘tackling racial disparities in prostate cancer’.

PCR welcome proposals from the fields of biomedical and social sciences and will consider any research avenue relevant to men with advanced prostate cancer but are specifically interested in the areas of research below:

  • The lack of diversity in clinical research studies, the barriers that exist to participation in research by members of the black community and how can these be overcome. 
  • Research looking at the biological factors that affect prostate cancer prognosis for black men, including further investigation into what genomic and epigenetic alternations are in order to develop target treatment options or whether black and white men fare equally on prostate cancer therapies. 
  • If and how genetic screening can be used to reduce the number of black men being diagnosed with advanced and/or aggressive prostate cancer. 
  • The fears, perceptions and psychosocial impact of prostate cancer in the black community and how to make public health messaging more appropriate, effective and supportive to the needs of this community.   
  • If and how NHS cancer service experiences differ between ethnicities, and if a disparity in care is found, how it can be resolved.

Up to £300,000 may be requested for projects lasting between one to three years.

Visit the PCR grant call webpage for more details and to download the expression of interest form, which must be completed and returned to [email protected] by 23:59 on Sunday 17 October 2021.