Advancing Public Partnerships within Radiography 

Members and others invited to join a short life working group

Published: 28 October 2022 SoR | CoR

In September 2018 the College of Radiographers (CoR) published Patient Public and Practitioner Partnerships within Imaging and Radiotherapy: Guiding Principles. Developed by a team consisting of representatives from the College of Radiographers, the Society of Radiographers (SoR),  SoR members and lay experts, the aim of this guidance document was to ensure the principles of patient public and practitioner partnerships become embedded across the organisation (CoR and SoR) and profession.

At the same time, an executive summary of recommendations was made to the College Board for dissemination of the guidance and for the longer term sustainability of the principles through future CoR and SoR strategies. 


SoR and CoR documents are reviewed periodically or when there has been a fundamental change that impacts practice. Reviews may be brief when the evidence is still relevant and the guidance remains fit for purpose, or more thorough following legislative changes or national or global technical or professional developments. Patient Public and Practitioner Partnerships within Imaging and Radiotherapy: Guiding Principles is due to be reviewed in 2023.  An innovative piece of work at the time, the patient voice is considered fundamental to education, research, service design and service delivery. With the acceleration of patient and public collaboration initiatives since 2018 and the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic, the CoR now considers it a priority to conduct a full review of the document. 

Call to Action

The CoR are forming a short life working group to review the document. In light of the significant developments since 2018 it is considered essential to hold a public, patient and practitioner engagement workshop to inform this review. The workshop will be held from 11am to 3pm on Wednesday 10th May 2023 at SoR headquarters in London. 

We invite students, radiography support workers, assistant practitioners, radiographers, sonographers, researchers, technologists, educators, patients and lay experts to join us at this event. If you are interested in helping us advance patient and practitioner partnerships please send us a paragraph or two, no more than one side of A4, describing your interest and summarising any work you have done in this area. If you have close contacts with patient or lay advisors who may also be interested please extend this invitation to them.

Travel and subsistence on the day will be covered by the CoR.

To register your interest please contact [email protected]