Call for applications to the CoR’s Expert Witness List

Study day in October

Published: 22 June 2020 SoR | CoR

The College of Radiographers encourages suitably experienced members to apply to become an ‘expert witness’ in their specialty.

It is important for patients, the NHS and the profession that we have members who are able to offer an objective opinion on any particular case within their scope of practise. 

We receive many requests from solicitors acting either for the plaintiff, NHS trust or health board to provide an ‘expert’ report in a court approved format.

Expert witnesses work independently although, ultimately, they are responsible to the court and the judge in charge of a case. It is important work and can be very rewarding in terms of professional development for the member, who is willing and able to take cases on.

The College of Radiographers maintains a list of expert witnesses to whom we will circulate details of cases as they come in. There is no requirement to take on a case if you do not wish to do so. There is an interactive on-line group available to members who are accepted on to the Expert Witness List.
A free introductory study day is scheduled for Thursday, 22 October. This will be via Zoom due to the current restrictions, so there will be no need to travel. It will be led by an experienced barrister working for the legal training company, Bond-Solon.

If your application to join the list is approved, a place on the study day will be available. Apply here. 
Further information on the role of the expert witness can be found here.
Questions about the study day and the role of the expert witness can be made to Nigel Thomson, professional officer.