Patient contact shielding guidance published

Published: 19 June 2020 SoR | CoR

Evidence-based guidance on why contact shielding for patients is no longer needed during diagnostic procedures has been published.

The guidance document and accompanying patient leaflet explains why shielding to protect critical organs is not necessary for patients in general radiography, diagnostic and interventional fluoroscopy, CT, mammography, and dental radiography.

“The recommended cessation of the widespread practice of applying patient contact shielding requires a major cultural change in outlook regarding radiation safety and practice amongst medical professionals, educators, regulators and the public alike,” the guidance says.

It is published jointly by the British Institute of Radiology, the Society and College of Radiographers, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, Public Health England, the Royal College of Radiologists, and the Society for Radiological Protection.

The SCoR Patient Advisory Group reviewed the guidance document and suggested and supported the publishing of the information leaflet, which was kindly designed by the BIR.

Guidance on using shielding on patients for diagnostic radiology applications