PhD research opportunities at Cancer Research UK

Closing date 24 May

Published: 15 April 2020 SoR | CoR

Two radiotherapy PhD project opportunities for radiographers are now open for applications.

For the‘Evaluation of motion management strategies across multiple radiotherapy platforms’ project, the team are looking for an "AHP research student to undertake a PhD within the overarching theme of high precision radiotherapy, with a focus on overcoming the challenges to selecting the most appropriate radiotherapy method to treat abdominal cancers, with a particular focus on the ability to mitigate the challenges associated with motion. The theme of this project will be cross-cutting over cancers that may benefit from radiotherapy using magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy or proton beam treatment."

TheGuidance Optimisation for Radiotherapy of Upper GI Cancers project will focus on "motion management strategies (i.e. ways in which motion that occurs naturally in the body, like breathing or stomach filling can be accounted for or reduced, to more accurately target the tumour). The theme of this project will be cross-cutting over new technologies implemented at the Christie Magnetic Resonance-Linear Accelerator and proton beam therapy."

The closing date for applications for both projects is 24 May 2020.