SoR seeks applicants for new CT Advisory Group

12 vacancies for radiographers with considerable CT experience

Published: 26 May 2021 SoR | CoR

THE Society of Radiographers (SoR) advisory groups are instrumental in safeguarding the interests of diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy service users by developing and promoting safety and best practice.

They make recommendations to inform and support the strategy of the SoR and contribute to setting the national agenda relating to each of the groups’ particular areas of expertise.

SoR advisory groups have a formal role within the structure of the society and so they differ from the special interest groups (SIG), which are member led and exist as support networks for members to interact with and develop as they wish.

The SoR oversees membership and governance and funds the work of the advisory groups in return for a commitment to achieve expected outputs.

Our advisory groups play an important role in informing and supporting the strategic direction of the professional body and trade union. They form a professional conduit between the SoR and the radiographic workforce.

We are now seeking applications to form a new Computed Tomography Advisory Group. Applicants will be radiographers with considerable CT experience. You do not need to be a service lead but you will have demonstrated a passion for safety, governance, professionalism and patient-centred care in CT services.

You may be an advanced or consultant practitioner, or be working towards advanced or consultant practice. You may be involved in CT-related education or research. Members will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to the work of the group through their attendance at meetings and their participation in relevant working groups.

Membership will include clinical practitioners at all levels, CT leads, radiotherapy service leads and CT PET service leads from the NHS and the independent sector. The SoR is seeking representation on this group from the four UK countries. There are 12 vacancies.

As a member of the CT Advisory Group, you will draw upon your expertise to shape the future of CT services and influence the direction of travel for the radiographic workforce. You will receive support from – and will provide support to – your peers. An SoR professional officer supports each advisory group and works closely with members to meet the intended outcomes of the group.

Those wishing to apply must also be:

  • in good standing with the SoR (as evidenced by a strong membership record),
  • respected and held in high esteem by their peers,
  • excellent collaborators and active team/board members,
  • energetic and enthusiastic in relation to the profession/education, and
  • able and willing to devote time and energy to the group between meetings by email and other electronic means, and be able to attend up to three meetings a year.

Those wishing to apply should submit a short CV (no longer than two sides of A4). This should include their SoR membership number, length of membership, Health Care and Professions Council registration number and must identify clearly the nature of the expertise they would bring to the group.

Applications should be emailed to Valerie Asemah by midday on Wednesday 30 June.

For further information, to register your interest or to apply, please email Valerie Asemah at [email protected].

Image: Phil Boorman | Cultura | Getty Images