Have your say now on the Scotland pay offer for 2023/24

SoR representatives unanimously recommend acceptance of the 8.1% uplift - vote now in the consultation

Published: 27 February 2023 Scotland

The final offer issued by the Scottish Government on 17 February commits to provide an additional £568 million for AfC pay for the pay year 2023/24.

This would result in staff (up to and including Band 8a) receiving a consolidated pay rise of at least 6.5%, as well as an additional one-off, pro rata, non-consolidated payment of between £387 and £939

The SoR has considered the offer and your representatives have unanimously agreed to recommend acceptance of the offer. This decision was endorsed by UK Council on Friday 24 February.

Members are now asked to carefully consider the offer against all available information contained within this briefing paper from the SoR.

Please take our consultation survey to let us know if you wish to accept or reject the offer. You should have received an email containing the survey link but can also take the survey here.

The survey will be open until Friday 17 March 2023.

In the accompanying briefing, the SoR negotiators said:

"As a collective, staff side negotiators felt that the Scottish Government negotiated in good faith and were open, honest and willing to address staff side negotiator concerns relating to recruitment and retention and appropriate reward.

"This is a one-year offer that takes us to 31 March 2024 – giving a one year period in which to address the priority issues for AfC review. If this offer was to be accepted we know that there will be an intense period of activity to follow in order to address those areas of the AfC that are of such concern to us.

Resolve pay structure problems

"For example, we have long been aware of problems with the AfC pay structure, with differentials between pay bands and also between incremental steps acting as disincentives to progression and ambition, and ultimately demoralising staff. This offer gives us the opportunity to address and to remedy those problems.

"We also know that Radiography national job profiles were last reviewed in 2006. A review of current job profiles for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiographers is therefore long overdue – and this offer provides us with the opportunity to ensure job profiles reflect the current radiography landscape.

"In relation to the pay uplift on offer, we know that it does not go as far as we wanted, but we have had to balance what was on offer for this one financial year, against what we know about projections for inflation and the general health of the economy. Yes, all negotiators would have preferred that all elements of pay were consolidated – but we accept that there is no more money to be found this year to do this."

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