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SoR members vote overwhelmingly to accept NHS pay offer

8 June, 2018

The consultation with Society members asking whether they would accept the 2018 NHS Pay Offer has seen a massive vote in favour.

SoR members in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, as well as students, voted by huge majorities. Members in Scotland have not been consulted yet because negotiations are in progress with the Scottish government.

In England 88 per cent of members who voted said ‘Yes’. In Northern Ireland it was 96 per cent, and in Wales 85 per cent.

Turnouts were high with 46 per cent of members eligible to vote in England taking part, and 30 per cent in Northern Ireland and in Wales.

Ninety-four per cent of student members voted for acceptance.

“The consultation will determine our response to the offer which, so far, has only been made to those working in the NHS in England,” says Paul Moloney, the Society’s industrial relations manager.

“The consultations with members in Wales and Northern Ireland allow us to decide whether to accept the same offer, should it be made in those two countries,” Paul continues.

“Members who are students were consulted to fully involve them in the SoR decision making process. The new pay scales introduced by the offer will be in place by the time many of them qualify and start work.

“Separate discussions are taking place in Scotland and members will be consulted there once the full details of any offer are known.”

The Society’s president, Gareth Thomas, says, “I am delighted that members have wholeheartedly agreed with UK Council and the Annual Delegates Conference that we should accept.

“I am also very pleased to see the high turnout,” Gareth continues, “particularly in England, where members were being asked to respond directly to the government’s offer to the Society and the other health unions.”

The high level of voting by SoR members is unusual compared to consultations in recent years. In 2014 a vote by Society members employed in the NHS saw a turnout of 11.5%. It is anticipated that SoR members may have one of the highest levels of voting by any of the unions taking part in the consultation.

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