AHP Workforce Reform Programme: Outcomes & Next Steps

A summary report is now available following the successful completion of this NHS Workforce Training and Education funded programme.

Published: 17 July 2023 SoR

The Society of Radiographers (SoR) was commissioned and awarded funds to undertake a programme of work as part of the AHP Workforce Reform Programme, Health Education England (now NHS Workforce Training and Education). 

The outcomes and next steps from this programme are now available for review in a summary report

A total of nine workstreams were developed from summer 2022 and delivered by spring 2023, covering the following topics: 

  • Modernisation and reform of education and training
  • Innovation in pre-registration practice placement 
  • Retention and recruitment of students and the newly qualified workforce
  • Return to Practice 
  • International Recruitment 
  • Apprenticeships (Therapeutic Radiography only)
  • Radiography Support Worker development
  • Profession specific support for ongoing professional development 

Delivered in collaboration with members, the programme engaged directly with radiography tutors, students and service providers; with the overall goals of project being to: 

  • Increase the workforce pipeline
  • Maximise the contributions of the AHPs
  • Support career progression
  • Support retention of the skilled workforce

To learn more about the programme and to review the outcomes, please download the summary report here.

Of the initiative Charlotte Beardmore, executive director of professional policy, said: 

"This important programme of work will have a major impact on how we address the lack of investment in radiography education, leadership and service delivery, that we have seen over the years. 

We now have an excellent foundation to build on, with the view to continue implementing sustainable solutions for retention, recruitment and professional development. 

On behalf of the SoR, I would like to thank the profession for their engagement in the work, and the experts who led each workstream."