BIR video courses: 20% discount for SoR members

Short courses for radiographers and the wider imaging team.

Published: 21 October 2022 SoR

As part of a collaboration between SoR and the British Institute of Radiology (BIR) which aims to raise awareness of educational opportunities for the radiographic professions, the BIR is offering a 20% discount to all SoR members on group bookings for their short video courses on Radiation Safety, Dose: Practice and principles of optimisation and safety, PET–CT Essentials and MRI Essentials . You can also get a 15% discount if you enrol as an individual.

Ideal for busy professionals

Online education, accessible from any device at any time. Each narrated video is divided into short sessions, including illustrations, animations, live action, and expert interviews.

This style of learning is ideal for you as a busy professional. You can complete the training at any time and on any device - to fit in with your schedule.

Group bookings

Ensure the whole team are at the same level by getting a group licence.  Perfect for induction, for new staff or as a refresher. You have a whole year to use your group licence so not everyone needs to do the course at the same time. Buying in bulk is much more cost-effective too.


  • SoR group licences from £41 per person (depending on quantity)*
  • Individual: £67.99 + VAT or £50.99 (if BIR member)

*includes discount, excl of VAT

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BIR and SoR: Working together to advance the radiographic professions