Meet the new President of the Society of Radiographers

Claire Donaldson takes over from Chris Kalinka

Published: 12 July 2021 SoR

The Society's President for 2021/2022, Claire Donaldson, will be inaugurated in a virtual ceremony on 4 August and all members have been invited to join the event.

Outgoing President Chris Kalinka will hand over to Claire in an evening hosted by Richard Evans OBE, CEO of the Society, and it will be an opportunity for members to get to know Claire and what she hopes to achieve in her tenure.

Claire’s ethos is #ifIcanyoucan, and she will be sharing the story of her journey from rep to President in the hope that it inspires others to follow in her footsteps.

She is a Scotland representative to UK Council and a diagnostic radiographer with 13 years’ experience. Claire said: 'Although not a native Scot, my broad Yorkshire accent gives that away, but I am proud to represent Scottish members.'

Claire has worked in CT and MRI but the majority of her career has been spent in general radiography, a speciality of which she is a passionate advocate. She is a principal radiographer, helping to deliver the radiology service across four rural community departments.

Claire has been involved with the SoR in many roles, both in Scotland and UK-wide. She said: 'I am extremely proud to be a radiographer and it is this that drives me to be a good representative on UK Council.'

New President Elect

The new President Elect of the Presidential Team is Ross McGhee. Graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2009, Ross took up post at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre where he was elected health and safety representative for the Society. 

He is currently a senior radiographer at the Lanarkshire Beatson satellite centre employed by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Ross conducted research into workplace stress and became embedded in negotiations at senior levels. This saw him elected as national health & safety representative to Scottish Council.

After a three-year term he took up the seat of national equality representative and he has acted as vice-chair. He is also a past chairperson of the Delegate Conference Committee and the Health & Safety Forum.