Opportunity to contribute to the development of diagnostic radiography

The SoR wants to share an exciting opportunity for accredited assistant practitioners to influence the future of diagnostic radiography

Published: 11 July 2022 SoR

We seek expressions of interest from SoR Accredited Assistant Practitioners who would like to have a seat on the Diagnostic Imaging Advisory Group (DIAG).

DIAG provides the SCoR with expert feedback on various topics relating to the profession, the organisation, and its members.  It contributes to the development of the profession and raises its profile nationally.  It is an influential voice for the community of diagnostic radiographers and the wider diagnostic imaging non-medical workforce within the Society of Radiographers.

To provide the broadest possible range of viewpoints, the group’s membership includes a diverse mix of SoR members from the radiographic workforce of various grades, specialities and experience from across the four countries of the UK. 

DIAG is currently seeking to appoint one or more Assistant Practitioners to join the friendly group, as the previous representative has moved roles.

Those wishing to apply must be:


  • in good standing with the SoR (as evidenced by a strong membership record)
  • respected and held in high esteem by their peers
  • excellent collaborators and active team/board members
  • energetic and enthusiastic in relation to the profession/education
  • able to attend one meeting per year in London, plus three online virtual meetings; and
  • able and willing to devote time and energy to the group between meetings by email and other electronic means

To see more about the work of the group, please see our page on the SoR website Diagnostic Imaging Advisory Group

Those wishing to apply should submit a short CV (no longer than 2 sides of A4) to [email protected] by 5 pm 26th August.

This CV should include their SoR membership number, and length of membership and identify the nature of the expertise they would expect to bring to the group.


If you would like more information before applying, please contact the DIAG chair Andy Creeden or SoR professional officer Sue Johnson.