Practical skills to help with everyday problems: what you should know

RADIATE: Wellbeing for Radiographers aims to recharge you after a burnout year

Published: 23 March 2021 SoR

This wellbeing programme has been developed for imaging and radiotherapy professionals who are members of the SoR.

After a year where burnout, fatigue and anxiety have become everyday problems, it is important as frontline clinicians and healthcare staff to take some time to make sure you’re okay.

Over the month of April, more than 20 workshops will be held on various topics by numerous facilitators in order to help radiographers recharge. 

Practical workshops will teach you skills that can be applied directly to everyday life:

The Kindness Method Workshop

The aim of these workshops are to help you with common problems or challenges that have a big effect on you even if you’re not aware of it. For example, kindness is important, and in Shahroo Izadi’s workshop a series of written exercises will help you create a wellbeing action plan and personalised motivational aids. There’s no pressure to share in this workshop, so don’t let the anxiety hold you back and get involved. 

The Art of Science of Resilience

You can learn about what is resilience, why it’s important for the current cultural climate and how it differs from robustness. 

Sleep: From Rest to Restoration 

Sleep isn’t always easy, even when you want to sleep. So in this workshop learn about what is and what makes a good night’s sleep and how you can achieve it. 

Nutrition and Exercise: The Energy Banks

‘How can food be a friend or foe’ and how can the food you eat and the exercise you might or might not do impact your wellbeing? Find out in the nutrition and exercise session.

Why Me, Why Now, Why Bother?

Do you feel like you have little personal purpose and are short of a decent work to life balance? In this workshop take advantage of the strategies shared on how to answer those problems and deal with stress at the same time. 

Do check back for any extra sessions on SoR’s RADIATE webpage.