Society CEO Richard Evans returns to Radio 1with Greg James as Dua Lipa video goes worldwide

Richard Evans' unexpected encounter with pop star Dua Lipa continues to make waves

Published: 16 January 2024 SoR

CEO of the Society of Radiographers, Richard Evans, has made another appearance on the BBC's Radio 1, after the video of his impromptu interview with pop star Dua Lipa garnered attention in the US.

Mr Evans’ first meeting with the musician happened in November during a viral stunt, where he was approached in the street by Dua Lipa and Radio 1 DJ Greg James, and given the opportunity to listen to the singer's newest single 'Houdini' before anyone other member of the public.

The interview sparked interest online when radiographers from across the country recognised Mr Evans, and shared their support on X (formerly Twitter), prompting Radio 1 to invite Mr Evans on to the show a few days later to discuss his reaction to the video going viral and show his support for radiographers.


Then on Monday, 15 January. Mr Evans was once again invited on to Greg James' show, after the viral video appeared on a US chat show. 

Support from the community

On his encounter with Dua Lipa, Mr Evans said at the time: “It’s my job to have their [the radiography community’s] back, so it’s really nice that everyone’s come out and made the comments. Radiography doesn’t get very much airplay, however hard we try. I’d like to say ‘hi’ to all radiographers listening, thank you for your support, and keep doing the good work.”

Mr Evans was invited back to BBC's Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James for a second time, after the meeting with Dua Lipa was aired on US TV show Late Night with Seth Meyers. 

Skip to 6:52 to see Dua Lipa discuss her interaction with Richard Evans 

During an interview slot on the nightly show, British pop star Dua Lipa recounted her experience of approaching a stranger in the street to showcase her new single. 

She said: “I think that was the point, to try and pick someone who would probably just have no idea [who I was], and try and get a real opinion. He was so sweet. It was really nice.” 

Coverage for radiography

On the enounter, Mr Evans added: “It was pure chance, but I was delighted to be stopped. It’s been really great to see the coverage we’ve had, particularly for the profession of radiography.”

Greg James, host of the show, agreed, adding that it had been “amazing” to see the outpouring of support on social media from radiographers. 

(Image: Greg James, by Comic Relief/BBC Children in Need/Comic Relief via Getty Images)