SoR position on the relaxing of Covid restrictions

We believe the restrictions have been lifted too soon.

Published: 24 February 2022 SoR

The Society of Radiographers has responded to the announcement from the government to scrap all remaining Covid-19 legal restrictions in England.

Rhys Martin, Health and Safety Policy Officer at the Society, said: “The SoR believe that this announcement has simply come too soon from the government and that the potential removal of the employer’s responsibility to mitigate and risk assess for Covid in the workplace is dangerous. Covid has not gone away despite the vaccination programme and improved therapeutics. Our members are still seeing their workplaces face daily challenges around infections and we know that some members are clinically vulnerable and others are also not fully vaccinated.

The SoR will continue to demand employers risk assess for Covid, individually risk assess for those members who require it and put protections in place around appropriate ventilation, mask wearing and cleaning in workplaces.

We will also continue to push for free lateral flow tests to be made available in our members workplaces to enable employers to keep on top of infection