SoR workshops offer insight into yourself and your career

RADIATE: Wellbeing for Radiographers aims to recharge you after a burnout year

Published: 23 March 2021 SoR

This wellbeing programme has been developed for imaging and radiotherapy professionals who are members of the SoR.

Would you like insight into how you operate to benefit your career? It could range from owning and celebrating your success to flexible working and wellbeing. In a month-long programme of wellbeing sessions, RADIATE will introduce you to skills and strategies to provide insights that you can share. 

The current workshops to which more may be added are:

Owning and Celebrating Our Success

How as a radiography clinician you are prepared to take on much more than you realise. Jenny Keane shares her story from clinician to strategic leadership.

AHPs Listen: A Call to Action for Radiographers

Want to be involved in the second stage of the next AHPs strategy? In a presentation and Q&A session, meet the AHPs Listen team who are driving a conversation involving the public and professionals. Get your chance to contribute. 

Petra Velzeboer

Listen to Petra Velzeboer who really knows what it is like to be lost in life with no clear path ahead and what she learned about her mental health and wellbeing. Even if this doesn’t resonate with you, it’s sure to be an insightful session. 

Flexible Working and Wellbeing

Not sure if flexible working is for you, come along to an insight and sharing session to see what benefits it can offer. 

You can sign up and check out the classes at RADIATE.