Student-specific wellbeing sessions to shed the stress over spring

RADIATE: Wellbeing for Radiographers aims to recharge you after a burnout year

Published: 23 March 2021 SoR

This wellbeing programme has been developed for imaging and radiotherapy professionals who are members of the SoR.

It’s not been an easy time for anyone and no less for students. After stress, fatigue and possibly burnout, it’s important to recharge and the Society of Radiographers’ RADIATE programme aims to do just that for students. With at least four sessions, students can experience a shared space to discuss experiences and gain new skills. 

The current student-specific sessions include:

The Student Room: Safe Space Session

Share a safe space to discuss anything that has been affecting you as a student for an hour every fortnight on a Monday. 

Positive Reflections from Students

Take away practical skills in self-care, reflection, positivity and resilience through a panel talk. 

What Matters to You? A Student Listening Event

What matters to you most about your student experience and what could be improved? Join an informal chat with fellow students on these questions and help shape how future clinical and university placements. 

You can sign up and check out the classes at RADIATE.