World Radiography Day Event to Inspire Radiographers of the Future

Caroline Boot & Hayley Hartley from the schools engagement team (NHS South Yorkshire) launch our event aimed at Reception & Year 1 pupils.

Published: 27 October 2022 SoR

In honour of World Radiography Day, the Schools Team for NHS and Social Care Careers at NHS South Yorkshire has teamed up with the Society of Radiographers to host an exciting virtual event for Reception and Year 1 pupils at primary schools across the UK. 

What to expect at the event

Focusing on the role of diagnostic radiographers, this fun, engaging and age-appropriate event is designed to spark interest and contribute to raising aspirations towards an exciting career opportunity that children might otherwise not be aware of.

They will find out how a radiographer can use different equipment to look inside a patient’s body to see if they are hurt or poorly and see how babies can hiccup or suck their thumb before they are even born. 

All schools registering for this event will also receive a copy of the children’s story “Isaac Visits the Diagnostic Radiographers” by author Caroline Boot

Why this type of engagement is important

Radiography needs to attract new talent over the coming years and SoR feel that raising knowledge and understanding of the profession is key to making these opportunities both visible and attractive to our workforce of the future.

NHS South Yorkshire are leading the way to educate the youngest primary school children around the multitude of career opportunities available to them within the NHS and Social Care through their Jobs for Everyone primary schools programme which already includes radiographers alongside a range of other roles. 

The Schools Team at NHS South Yorkshire are pleased to be able to collaborate with the Society on World Radiography Day to take this event to a national level and celebrate a profession we are all so proud of. 

The SoR's position 

Michelle Tyler, Professional Officer for Careers Promotion and Outreach commented: 

"The Society is committed to taking a long-term approach to raising the profile of the profession and educating members of the public about radiography work.   

We are therefore delighted to procure this children’s book as yet another innovative method to raise public awareness of diagnostic radiography work. We are excited about this fantastic opportunity to work with the Schools Team from NHS South Yorkshire, hosting this new live webinar in celebration of World Radiography Day.   

This is important work to complement the ongoing hard work that members continue to do in their local areas to promote therapeutic and diagnostic radiography to the public. I would encourage members to keep an eye on the new and evolving careers pages across the SoR and CoR websites. There are also opportunities to join the special interest group for careers promotion and outreach."

Register your school today

The primary schools event will take place on 8 November 2022 at 13:30 - 14:00 and Schools can register via this link.  

Article authors

  • Caroline Boot| Primary Schools Project Lead, NHS South Yorkshire
  • Hayley Hartley | Schools Engagement Lead, NHS South Yorkshire