A week of welcoming students to the SoR community

Webinars and a Q&A introduces first-year radiographers to the profession

Published: 03 November 2020 Students

A virtual celebration and offering of wisdom to students took place last week. The Society of Radiographers’ Student Welcome Week featured five days of webinars and an open Q&A.

Topics included becoming active in radiography, what students can expect on their first placement and asking questions that students never felt they could ask.

President of SoR Chris Kalinka and CEO Richard Evans, opened the week with virtual introductions to first-year students.

In one of the introductions given by Richard, he addressed finding answers to questions you never felt you could ask.

And Chris opened up the discussion on the importance of self-care.

In both, the CEO and the President gave advice on what to expect in different parts of students' study lives and career.

The welcome week was also celebrated on Twitter and across social media with #SoRStudentWelcomeWeek. During and after each session first-year students, experienced students and qualified radiographers shared advice about what they had learned with @SCoRmembers.