Calling all first-year radiography students!

Nichola Jamison introduces Student Welcome Week

Published: 12 October 2020 Students

New to radiography? Whether you are an undergraduate, MSc, or apprentice learner, if you are at the beginning of your pre-registration journey, we have just the event for you!

The Student Welcome Week is a student-led event, comprising 5 informal webinars and Q&A sessions covering everything you will need to know to prepare for the year ahead. Worried about managing your workload?

Unsure what to expect on placement? Wondering how best to look after yourself as you care for others? Or maybe you want to know those little pieces of useful advice and tips from the minds of those who have just completed their studies.

Join us from 26th-30th October, as we chat to you about making the most of your student experience, with valuable input from our President Chris Kalinka, CEO Richard Evans and Student Support Officer Nichola Jamison.

This event is FREE to SoR members, and will be open for registration until Wednesday 21st October at 5pm.
Spaces are limited, so register early.

See you there!