Five things radiography students need to know for the new Covid-19 lockdowns

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Published: 03 November 2020 Students

As lockdowns are taking effect across the whole of the UK, the SoR wants students to know that they will not be forgotten.

Students will continue to be supported by their universities and SoR, and clinical placements will continue where at all possible. SoR has been in contact with universities and these are the five things you should know:

1. HEIs are working hard across the UK to ensure clinical placements continue as planned, provided students can continue to work and learn safely. However, it is advised that you communicate regularly with your university to stay up to date with any changes in these arrangements.

2.  Students should continue to work within their scope of practice, and if unsure of this, speak to your practice educator at your placement site for clarification.

3. The health and wellbeing of our students is priority. Please take time to care for yourselves, both mentally and physically, and to reflect on your experiences as a student radiographer on placement.

In the webinar on ‘The Importance of Self-Care’, students and radiographers discuss the best ways to make sure you stay mentally well during a difficult time. 

The SoR has also compiled a list of wellbeing resources.

Student specific covid-related advice can always be found on the SoR Covid-19 micro-site.

4. Finally, as student radiographers, you have an important part to play, both within your professional team, and in the care pathway of your patients. Please remember to take stock of the amazing job you are doing, and continue to demonstrate pride in your profession.

5. If you should require further support, please speak to your practice educator at your placement site as early as you can, You can also contact our Student Support Officer at [email protected]

Nichola Jamison, Interim Student Support Officer, SCoR said: ‘While some of our students across the UK will have experienced the clinical setting through the first lockdown earlier this year, many will be venturing into placement for the first time during these circumstances. Understandably, this may be an apprehensive time for a radiography student. However, it is important that you continue to make the most of, and enjoy, your clinical experiences. Do this in the knowledge that your safety and wellbeing are the top priority for your university, your placement staff, and the SoR. Communicate regularly, use the resources provided to you, and most importantly, take care of yourselves and each other as you progress through this academic year.'