HCPC Temporary Covid-19 Register: Update for students

Published: 27 March 2020 Students

We are aware that this is an unsettling time for students, as some placements are being paused and others are continuing, some learning has gone online, and there’s much uncertainty. 

Some of these differences are dependent on your higher education institution (HEI) as they navigate the situation and look to ensure you able to complete your studies and qualify. Please bear in mind that they are acting in your best interests and they are committed to getting information out to you as quickly and accurately as possible, as are the SoR.

In the first instance, contact your HEI if you have any questions. 

The current situation is:

  • The HCPC, the regulator of your profession is working to enable students to be part of the NHS mobilisation of staff to assist with the current public health emergency. This work is being done in partnership with Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, NHS England, HEI representatives, the Council of Deans of Health, and the SoR, along with other professional bodies.
  • The SoR is in regular contact with HEIs, providing advice and sharing information.
  • We know that a temporary register is being set up and currently being trialled at two universities.
  • At the moment, we believe there is an expectation that eligible final-year students will go on to this register and will move into the workplace in a paid capacity, unless they choose not to. Students will, of course, be able to opt out of going into practice for health or personal reasons. 
  • We do not yet have guidance on plans for other years, or how this will work for those of you studying on two-year programmes.
  • We understand that the HCPC will be clarifying all details in the next week.

As soon as we get more precise details, we will publish this information on the website but, if you do have any concerns, please get in touch and we will assist as best we can. Our Student Membership Officer is Nic Smith.

We would like to stress to you the importance of keeping up to date with the latest government guidance regarding Covid-19. This can be accessed via the dedicated tile on the Student Hub and via this link.  

A series of frequently asked questions have been added to the Covid-19 Pre-registration education providers and students page. Look for the HCPC temporary register for final year students - FAQs (Added 27 March 2020) heading.