SoR launches new professionals network

The SoR has launched a New Professionals’ Forum

Published: 19 March 2021 Students

The society has also restructured its National Student Officer role to provide continuous leadership and support and is believed to be the first union in the UK to have a dedicated officer covering both groups.

Dean Rogers, the SoR’s Director of Industrial Strategy & Member Relations, said the aim was to harness the energy and enthusiasm of new radiographers to become future leaders, while also supporting them through the challenging first years of their career.

He said: ‘The reason for this focus covers all the reasons why the SoR is important and all the key areas of our work. The future of the profession depends upon those now entering it staying and helping shape the direction of the professions as they grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

‘We want to utilise the Forum to gather a deeper understanding of the pressures they face and make sure addressing them is central to our wider campaigning on pay, reward and terms and conditions.’

‘We have also learned that staying in touch with and sharing with other radiography professionals at the same stage of your career is hugely important to staying positive. We aim for the Forum to help members on all of these fronts.’

The initiative is seen as an active pilot for how the SoR engages with members across the country in future. The focus of activity will be shaped and developed directly by Forum members joining the discussions.

Activities already being planned in response to requests include how to make the most of CPD Now, coaching in interview preparation, how to understand and what to expect on your payslip, and a basic introduction to pensions.

To find out more about the New Professionals Forum email [email protected]