SoR Student Forum members lead the way

Students and new professionals officer Nichola Jamison introduces the students who have been selected for a national leadership programme

Published: 28 July 2021 Students

June proved to be an exciting month when we learned that a whopping four of our SoR Student Representative Forum members had been awarded scholarships for the Council of Deans of Health Student Leadership Programme 2021.

The four are Ben Potts of Birmingham City University; Katy Jones of the University of Cumbria; Sally Mieu of City, University of London; and Jessica Rush of Ulster University. All are first-year students (see below).

The programme, more commonly known as #150leaders, is supported by the Burdett Trust for Nursing. It provides leadership training and coaching over a period of a year for a select group of nursing, midwifery and AHP students from across the UK.

Through the programme’s network, these student leaders will also find opportunities to attend high-level meetings and collaborate at a strategic level in ongoing NHS initiatives.

The students will attend conferences and receive one- to-one coaching from industry leaders as they complete a leadership project of their own design. This year’s coaching panel will include our own Gill Harrison (professional officer for ultrasound), who has spent several years coaching for the programme, and myself, a programme alumna and new to the coaching team this year.

Health Education England has funded five additional places this year for smaller AHP professions, including therapeutic radiography. We are thrilled that this meant additional places for our own student members, who have demonstrated exceptional leadership through what has been a challenging year for our profession.

Alumni of the programme include Sarah Bradder (lead on the @WeAHPs Twitter account); Rupert Maclaren (immediate past observer to the SoR’s UK Council); Ismat Khan (founder of the Inside Out campaign) and Elise Woodbridge-Colella (current chair of the SoR Student Representative Forum).

As a forum and a profession, we are delighted to have such a strong group of student leaders on this year’s programme and look forward greatly to seeing them progress through this year. I’m sure you will join us in wishing them every success as they take the next step in their leadership journey.

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This year’s radiography cohort

Ben Potts, Birmingham City University
Ben is a first-year student diagnostic radiographer at Birmingham City University. He is also the social media and communications officer for the forum. Ben was previously a music technology academic, graduating with a PhD after gaining a scholarship in computer music composition.
Ben was drawn to radiography by a desire to care for people and his fascination with technology. He believes in the importance of student voices and is dedicated to improving student wellbeing. Ben is passionate about research, music and running.

Katy Jones, University of Cumbria
Katy is a first-year diagnostic radiography mature student at the University of Cumbria. Before turning to radiography, she had an academic background in linguistics and cognitive neuroscience and has worked on several research projects. Katy’s decision to change her career path came from her preference for providing patient- centred care and her desire for a role that offered greater patient interaction and an ability to observe research innovations in practice.

Sally Mieu, City, University of London
Sally is a first-year student therapeutic radiographer at City, University of London. She has a BSc in anthropology and previously worked as an IT project manager and Scrum master. Sally decided to move into radiography after a cancer diagnosis in her family. Her career change was inspired by the technology, the high level of patient care and her knowledge of the therapeutic radiographers at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London.

Jessica Rush Ulster University
Jessica is a first-year diagnostic radiography student at Ulster University. She is a student representative for first- year radiography students at the university and a member of the SoR’s UK Student Representative Forum. Jessica has been an active contributor to forum events in the Society’s busy conferencing calendar. Most recently, she shared her experiences at the Positive Reflections event, which was part of the SCoR RADIATE wellbeing festival.