UK lockdowns: What radiography students need to know

Questions answered with resources available here

Published: 06 January 2021 Students

As yet another period of lockdowns begin to take effect across the UK, it is natural to feel overwhelmed by the volume of information we are required to absorb as students. As new guidance is released daily, much outdated guidance still remains on public information platforms and it is important to identify relevant and current sources.

Below are some questions frequently asked by our student workforce, and how you can stay on top of developments as they occur;

Can I return to University?

Yes. Students will continue to be progressed through their studies as planned, with institutions ensuring that educational outcomes are met in a safe and supported manner. Much of your learning may move onto virtual platforms, while face-to-face sessions may be required for practical components.

It is advised that you communicate regularly with your university to stay up to date with any changes in these arrangements.

Is it safe for me to attend placement?

Yes. Safety measures for students have been in implemented at approved placement sites for the duration of the pandemic. Universities have taken care to ensure a safe environment has been created for students to work and learn. It is important that you follow all relevant guidance and policies put in place by your placement site, and where clarification is required, please speak to your practice educator immediately.

If you have any concerns, you should speak directly to your practice educator and course team.

I have caring responsibilities, can I send my children to school?

Yes. Students who are undertaking AHP studies in the UK have been recognised under key worker criteria by the Department of Health and Social Care. Schools and childcare providers will continue to provide facilities for children of key workers through this lockdown, but may require evidence of status. Please contact your university to obtain proof of key worker status.

Will I be vaccinated against Covid-19?

Universities are working closely with health trusts to ensure that students are included in the rollout of vaccinations for healthcare staff. While some sites have already administered initial vaccinations to radiography students, we will post more information on the UK wide rollout as we receive it. Please contact your individual university to stay up-to-date on developments in your area.

If you should require further information or support, please do not hesitate to contact our Student Support Officer, Nichola Jamison, at [email protected]. As always, we will continue to update information as the situation develops. Please find some useful links below, where you can access relevant, current guidance;

Society of Radiographers Covid-19 information
SoR Guidance for student radiographers
HCPC information page
Council of Deans of Health FAQs

The Student Room – A Safe Space to chat

The first ‘Student Room’ safe space took place on Monday 4th January, where future radiographers from across the UK met online to chat with each other and meet fellow students.

In recognition of the challenges facing our radiography students this year, Student Support Officer, Nichola Jamison will be holding these open wellbeing sessions for students to meet up and share their experiences. Don’t have anything to share?That’s fine! Why not come and have a cuppa with your fellow students? In the absence of university coffee shops, and student hubs, peer support is more important now than ever, and these sessions will give you the opportunity to have informal chats about whats important to you. You will also have the opportunity, after each session, to raise any specific queries with our student support officer, should you need individual support or advice.

Drop-in Sessions will be held on Monday evenings between 7-8.30pm, with the next session taking place on 18th January 2021. To book a place, email [email protected], or speak to your university Student SoR Representative.