Unacceptable behaviour towards students - an open letter from the SoR

The SoR urges students to report incidents of concern and asks all members to be vigilant

Published: 25 January 2023 Students

The SoR has written an open letter to radiography students after 'concerning reports' of discrimination towards them, urging all Society members to read the letter and challenge unacceptable behaviour.

The letter, from SoR Students & New Professionals Officer Nichola Jamison, states:

"Recently we’ve received some concerning reports from members who have witnessed unacceptable behaviours towards students on clinical placement. These have included – but are not limited to – racial discrimination, sexually inappropriate and discriminatory language, and non-inclusive practices."

Professional duty to challenge

"Our position on this is clear. The SoR is a fully inclusive organisation, and we see it as our professional duty to challenge discrimination and promote inclusivity.

"We recognise that students are among the most vulnerable of our members. Often when adverse events or behaviours are experienced, whether in an academic or clinical setting, it can be extremely difficult for a student to challenge or report these. There may be fears around the impact of disclosure on your progress, assessments or learning opportunities. You may not want to ‘make a fuss’ or just want to get to the end of your placement and forget about it.

"We understand why many students may feel vulnerable, but this is not okay. This is not acceptable."

No place for discrimination

"There is no place for discrimination in our profession or society as a whole. We are here to support and help you, making change happen as needed. Your learning experience is a vital and formative part of your journey into the profession, and your positive lived experience of this is our priority. You matter.

"Your university and your clinical placement site have a duty of care for all their students and will have initiatives in place for you to safely report any acts of discrimination. Please make sure you know where and how you can report any concerns you may have, whether about your own experience or on behalf of a colleague."

The SoR is here to support you

"Additionally, as your professional body and trade union, SoR staff and workplace representatives are trained to challenge discrimination in the workplace and we will always be available to offer a safe-space to discuss any issues or concerns you have, however trivial you feel they may be. This is what your union is for and our priority is to listen, engage and support each and every member, when you need us.

"We are calling on all SoR members to be vigilant and to report any discrimination witnessed towards students in either their academic or clinical learning environment. If you are experiencing unfair treatment, please contact your university or us directly for help and support. Please don’t go through this alone.

"You matter. Help us protect you, and join us in challenging discrimination."


Key Contacts:

Students & New Professionals Officer: [email protected]
Trade Union & Industrial Relations team: [email protected]