University awards break lockdown gloom for students

Six students at different stages of their education recognised for their work

Published: 14 December 2020 Students

Six University of Portsmouth students and graduates have been recognised in science and clinical awards.

The awards which recognise students of different abilities were sponsored by Xiel and Inhealth.

Graduate Robyn Crockford and current students Lizzie Hatt and Alistair Hunter-Craig won the Xiel Radiographic Science Awards.

Robyn who won the Xiel Radiographic Science Award Level 6 ‘demonstrated an appreciation of radiological sciences and imaging physics.’

‘Lizzie attained the highest mark of 92 per cent within the cohort for the radiation science module that is studied in Year 2,’ to receive the level 5 award.

And, ‘Alistair attained the highest mark of 78.5 per cent within the cohort for the radiation science module that is studied in Year 1,’ winning him the Xiel Radiographic Science Award Level 4.

Graduate Bethany Wiltshire and current students Holly Byrne and Ravshan Zakirov all won InHealth Clinical Excellence awards.

Bethany was described as, ‘consistently demonstrated excellence in her clinical practice during her placements,’ which won her the InHealth Clinical Excellence Award Level 6.

For Holly who won InHealth Clinical Excellence Award Level 5 it was said, ‘Holly's motivation, enthusiasm and commitment to her clinical practice has been exemplary.’

And for Ravshan who won the Level 4 award it was said he ‘went above and beyond in his learning and practice at that site’.

The diagnostic radiography and medical imaging students celebrated their achievements in an unusual manner this year.

Unlike other years, the graduation ceremony was postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and instead a virtual celebration was held on 11 November to celebrate the students’ successes where they also won Amazon vouchers.

Held by Google Meet, the virtual celebration included radiography university staff, the sponsors for the awards and, of course, the students. Fodi Kyriacos, Head of Reporting at InHealth spoke about career progression, role extension and the future after an address by Dr Jason Oakley, Interim Head of School of Health and Care Professions. The representatives from the sponsors announced the winners and each student then gave a short speech and conversed with the sponsors. 

Alistair who won the level 4 Xiel Radiographic Science Award said: ‘It feels great having my work recognised by both the university and the sponsors of the award Xiel Limited. I'm really thankful for the support provided by my lecturers at the University of Portsmouth. I'm lucky enough to have a good group of friends at university. We all test our understanding of various topics by asking each other questions, which helps me identify gaps in my own knowledge.’

Kevin McHugh, Course Lead for Diagnostic Radiography and Medical Imaging, said: ‘It feels particularly important this year to recognise the hard work and determination of the 2020 graduates. It’s been an eventful three years for our graduates and what started out as a journey has now finally culminated into them becoming diagnostic radiographers and finally allied healthcare professionals to support the NHS workforce in what are testing times. As the course lead, I would like to thank both Xiel and InHealth for their support and recognising the achievement of our students in the last academic year.’

Pictured top left to right: Ravshan Zakirov and Lizzie Jane Hatt, below left to right: Holly Byrne and Alistair Hunter-Craig.