Diagnostic Workforce Census 2023 opens for input from radiology service managers

The SoR has opened its 2023 Diagnostic Radiographers Workforce Census submissions, seeking information on the UK’s clinical imaging staff

Published: 10 January 2024 Surveys

The 2023 Diagnostic Workforce Census is now open for all radiology service managers to complete, in order to contribute to the work of the Society of Radiographers.

Each year, the Society collects accurate and up-to-date data from service managers on behalf of the diagnostic radiography workforce, through a 20-minute online survey. 

Results from this census will also inform workforce planners, commissioners and providers of radiography education.

Insight and feedback

This data has been used in multiple briefings to politicians and policy makers, in discussions with other unions and also in evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body. 

Obtaining information from all organisations delivering diagnostic radiography service for people, both NHS and independent providers, and from all UK countries, is key to the quality of results. 

This year, the questions have been streamlined and the process for responses simplified, in order to reduce the time it will take for service managers to respond. 

'Opportunity to influence policy-makers'

The SoR said: “In these challenging times, the importance of diagnostic imaging and the need for an adequately resourced workforce has been recognised. Obtaining accurate and up to date information on the radiographic workforce is essential and undoubtedly offers an opportunity for the profession to influence policy-makers. 

“We do appreciate that you are required to submit data to many other organisations but would urge that you complete our census as we are the recognised voice for the radiographic profession.”

The census should be completed by the radiology services manager on behalf of all diagnostic radiography services provided by their hospital or workplace.

It should taker around 20 minutes to complete. 

Services managers in charge of multiple sites should provide separate responses on behalf of each site. Independent and private healthcare providers can submit a single response to cover all UK sites. 

Submissions will close by the new deadline of February 9, 

Results will be published on the SoR website, by country and by organisation or department name.

To find out more and take part in the census, click here

You can download the results from the 2022 census here

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