Reminder: Simulation Delphi Study, round one closes soon

If you are therapeutic radiography service lead or HEI lead, complete the survey before 5pm on Tuesday 29 March 2022.

Published: 24 March 2022 Surveys

We are conscious that all departments are under a lot of pressure at present, but we are eager for your voices to be heard within this important piece of work.

The national guidance for simulation in radiotherapy Delphi round one survey closes on Tuesday 29 March at 5pm.

The survey explores the use of simulation in pre-registration training and education for therapeutic radiography students with the view to establish national guidelines. 

If you are a therapeutic radiography service leader or a higher education institution lead, we would value your input.

In an earlier HEE funded project assessing the impact of the RePAIR (Reducing Pre-Registration Attrition and Improving Retention) recommendations within Therapeutic Radiography, there was evidence for further work to produce a guidance document on how simulation could be used within pre-registration training, and how it can be embedded into ‘return to practice’ and ‘internationally qualified radiographer’ programmes.

This series of three Delphi surveys will provide consensus opinions on key aspects that need to be included within the professional body guidance document.  There will also be a series of questions within this questionnaire that will not contribute to the Delphi responses directly, but are equally important to inform the guidance document. 

If you have been sent the survey and are yet to complete, please watch the following welcome video and complete using the link and participant ID in your email*.

If you have any questions please contact: Nicky Hutton or Sarah-Jane Kettere.


*Eligible members have been sent an email invitation to complete the survey.