Radiology service managers urged to complete the SoR Diagnostic Radiography Workforce census 2022

Census deadline has been extended to 30th December

Published: 30 November 2022 Surveys

The deadline to complete the SoR Diagnostic Radiography Workforce Census 2022 has been extended to Friday 30th December.

Please could you take 30 minutes to complete our census which can be accessed here.

Some respondents find it useful to gather all the required information using a PDF template of the questionnaire before submitting their response online. 

Challenging times

In these challenging times, the importance of diagnostic imaging and the need for an adequately resourced workforce has been recognised.

Obtaining, comprehensive, accurate and up to date information on the radiographic workforce is essential and undoubtedly offers the opportunity for the profession to influence policy-makers. 

We publish our data in full and take account of your valuable feedback each year to refine the census

We do appreciate that you are required to submit data to many other organisations but would urge that you complete our census as we are the recognised voice for the radiographic profession.

It is important we obtain information from all organisations delivering diagnostic radiography services for people, both NHS and independent sector providers, and from all the UK countries.

Teaser image: FS Productions, Getty Images