SoR launches Student Placement Survey to understand challenges faced on placement

With reports of unacceptable behaviour on the rise, the Society wants to build a realistic picture of support needs across the country

Published: 02 May 2024 Surveys

The SoR has launched the Student Placement Survey to gather information on the standards and quality of student placement experiences across the UK.

Following repeated reports of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace, the Society is gathering information on clinical placements to build a realistic picture of support needs and inform the development of resources in this area.

The survey is open to both member and non-member students, and will close on Sunday 2 June at midnight.

It can be accessed here.

Allocating support and resources

Nichola Jamison, student and new professionals officer for the SoR, said: “Your input will contribute to shaping a comprehensive understanding of support requirements, guiding us in tailoring resources to better meet your needs.”

The survey follows up the Student Bullying Survey and the Students and New Professionals Survey, launched in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Responses to this new survey are anonymous, and the data collected will help to allocate support and resources where they are needed. The survey leaves information at the end of every section for respondents to elaborate and share their stories in as much detail as they are comfortable with.

'Everyone should have access to a safe learning environment'

Ms Jamison added: “It’s very important we create a true picture of what the workplace looks like for students. It aims to help us build up that clear picture of the challenges faced by students on clinical placement, covering everything from practical areas like planning, location, accommodations, finances, but also on the placement experience itself.

“I really can’t emphasise it enough – we really want students to know that the SoR is here to support them, all the way through their educational and professional journey. We believe everyone should have access to a safe learning environment - physically and psychologically - and behaviours that threaten that safety on any level are unacceptable.

“We will challenge these behaviours. You are not alone. Your experiences do matter. Please reach out for support as early as you can. We will never be unhappy to take your emails or your calls.”

Anyone who requires individual support at present or in the future should contact the student and new professionals officer via [email protected] in the first instance. Requests for individual support will not be picked up through this survey, however we welcome the sharing of your placement experience with us.

(Image: sudok1 via GettyImages)