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Therapeutic radiographer takes over @NHS twitter account

17 July, 2017
Teresa Howe
Teresa Howe

Teresa Howe, an advanced practice therapeutic radiographer from University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, has taken over control of the @NHS twitter handle for the week.

Teresa will be helping boost the profile of the profession by interacting with members of the public and other health professionals to spread the word of the vital work of therapeutic radiographers.

"I got involved after I saw a retweet from the @NHS account on my own feed and started following," said Teresa.

"Then I was at a study day about MR linac and other technologies where we were discussing how exciting things are in radiotherapy right now, but no one knows what we do!"

Teresa was inspired to apply to take over the account, and after submitting a short description of what therapeutic radographers do, was chosen.

And Teresa is also throwing down the gauntlet for diagnostic radiographers to get take up the chance to curate the account for a week.

If you're a diagnostic radiographer and want to get involved, visit for more information.

You can follow Teresa's tweets either by following @NHS on twitter, or by reading them below.

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