Commonwealth Games and professional indemnity cover for volunteers

SoR insurance package does not cover volunteering

Published: 19 October 2021 Trade Union & IR

Many members will have been attracted by the recent call for volunteer diagnostic radiographers and sonographers to assist in delivery of healthcare services at the Commonwealth Games. This might be particularly relevant to our members in the Midlands, as the Games are due to take place in Birmingham in July 2022.

We must however, bring your attention to the professional indemnity insurance requirements for volunteers. On the Birmingham 2022 website is the following:

'If your profession or qualifications require you to have professional indemnity insurance to do your work, you will need to ensure it covers you to work at the Games. The organisation also procures insurance to provide cover to some degree but require you to have your own professional indemnity insurance for a minimum of £5 million.'

The games organisers are working through this issue in order to find a solution and if you do have queries please email them directly at: 

Members need to be aware that the Society of Radiographers’ underwriters do not indemnify volunteer work as part of the Society's membership package. There was a similar situation with the 2012 Olympics and eventually the Government was forced to indemnify its volunteers.

Obviously we do not want to deter members from being involved in this exciting event, but we need to advise that if no solution is found by the organisers then indemnity for the event will be at your own cost, which could be considerable depending on the type of work you will be expected to carry out.

Please contact Liz Robinson at [email protected] if you have queries regarding professional indemnity insurance.