Members in Scotland Vote to Accept Pay Offer by Narrow Margin

51.3% of those who voted in the consultative survey indicated they wished to accept the offer.

Published: 19 December 2022 Trade Union & IR

Members in Scotland have voted to accept the Scottish Government's revised pay offer by a narrow margin.

The consultative survey, which closed on Friday 16th December, showed 51.3% (of those who voted) indicate they wished to accept the offer.

Yvonne Stewart, SoR National Officer (Scotland) said:

'The cost-of-living crisis has had a heavy impact on all workers - SoR members are no exception, and whilst many are angry with what they view as a derisory pay rise, they have taken the pragmatic decision to accept. I know that they are now pinning their hopes, and concentrating their efforts, on securing a vastly better rise in the next round of pay talks. Our members deserve better.'

The SoR will now write to STAC staff side and the Scottish Government to confirm the consultative survey outcome.

Members will receive an email about the outcome as well as further updates from their National Officer/local Representative once there is clarity as regards implementation of the revised offer.