SoR statement on NHS pay offer in England - 5% rise in 2023-24 and one-off payment for this year

The Society is reviewing the offer carefully and will consult all members in due course

Published: 16 March 2023 Trade Union & IR

The SoR received a formal offer from the Department of Health and NHS Employers this afternoon (16 March).

The offer comprises three elements. These are:

  • A one-off payment worth an average of 6% for all AfC staff. This is being presented as a 2% one-off non-consolidated payment plus a 4% Covid Backlog Bonus payment. The distribution of this payment is not evenly spread – ranging from 8.2% for the lowest paid to 3.5% for the highest paid. This payment would be non-pensionable.
  • A 5% consolidated increase for 2023-24. This will be evenly distributed across all grades.
  • A set of non-pay commitments. These are being considered and full details will be presented to members as soon as is practical.

The SoR is reviewing the offer carefully and will advise further when we have had a chance to reasonably do so.

The SoR has agreed to consult members about the offer. We had already scheduled a series of briefings for members and Reps and these will continue with more detail around the offer. Feedback from these discussions will help inform consultation with the UK Council. UK Council will then consider what recommendation, if any, the SoR will make around the offer, with formal consultation expected through April.

Around the UK

Members in Wales are subject to separate on-going negotiations and will be subject to separate consultations. Members in Scotland are already being consulted on a separate offer.

Members in Northern Ireland will also be consulted separately following this offer, which does not apply to them as things stand.