Wales: SoR consultation on pay offer now open

Members in Wales can vote on whether they accept the offer - and on taking industrial action

Published: 03 May 2023 Trade Union & IR

The SoR has opened its consultative ballot on the most recent pay offer from the Welsh government, asking members whether they would like to accept the award - and whether they would consider industrial action.

The Welsh package consists of an additional offer for the 2022/23 pay year and an offer for the 2023/24 pay year, negotiated in partnership between the government and trade unions.

The offer

The offer for 2022/23 consists of a lump sum for all Bands from 1-9 ranging from a value of £900 - £1,190. This is in addition to the £1400/4% awarded in September 2022, and the further award of 3% in March 2023, 1.5% of which was consolidated.

The offer for 2023/24 is an uplift of 5% consolidated to all Bands and further investment at Bands 1-2 to ensure all workers in Wales earn the Real Living Wage. Click here to see the changes in earnings should the pay offer be accepted.

There are numerous non-pay elements included in the offer from unsocial hours payments being paid after the first week of sickness absence, exploring reducing the working week to 36 hours without a loss in earnings and reducing the use of Agency staff to name a few.

Click here to vote in the SoR consultative ballot.


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