SoR launches important new NHS workplace survey

"Listening exercises like this help make sure that when we speak up for members our voice is authentic and powerful”

Published: 08 March 2022 Trade Union & IR

All SoR NHS members are being asked to complete an NHS Workforce Survey. The survey is open from Tuesday 8th March until noon on Thursday 31st March.

The SoR see the survey as a vitally important piece of evidence gathering to inform campaigning and ensure our national arguments reflect members' reality. 

The survey focuses on identifying members' experience and views on key issues impacting on day to day working reality inside the NHS. Areas covered include: 

  • professional and career development how well recognised and rewarded they feel;
  • safe staffing levels and workload;
  • and how safe members feel at work.

The survey is anonymous but with scope to track collective trends, including by geographic area and length of time working in the NHS.

It is expected that this will become an annual survey, allowing the SoR to track trends amongst members’ experience and attitude. A similar private / independent sector Workplace survey is planned for later this Spring.

SoR Executive Director for Industrial Strategy & Member Relations, Dean Rogers, explains:

“Our members’ central importance to health pathways and to supporting healthier communities is increasingly recognised, in all parts of the UK, by policy and decision makers. Our opportunity to positively influence change has also never been greater. We can do this most effectively by bringing the reality of our members’ work experience to the forefront of our contribution to important debates. 

"This survey is an important part of making sure we are doing just that – giving all members in the NHS an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences in key areas. Their evidence will shape our evidence to politicians and other decision makers, Pay Review Bodies, Regulators, etc. Listening exercises like this help make sure that when we speak up for members our voice is authentic and powerful.”

He added, “I hope most members will take the five minutes to fill in the online survey, and encourage their colleagues to do the same. All answers are anonymous and we want people to feel safe in answering honestly. The SoR is playing an increasingly leading role in critical discussions about the future of our professions and the NHS. Every additional survey return will strengthen our evidence base and our impact when leading for members.”

To complete the survey, please see here