SoR leaders gearing up for strike action on 75th anniversary of NHS

"Because we want the NHS to last another 75 years"

Published: 05 July 2023 Trade Union & IR

The SoR leadership has warned that the looming industrial action by members is necessary to help keep the NHS going for another 75 years.

As the nation marked the NHS anniversary, the Society was planning for strikes following a ballot on the England pay award that saw radiographers in 43 NHS trusts vote for action.

Dean Rogers, SoR executive director of industrial strategy and member relations, said: "Does the Society of Radiographers want to spend the 75th anniversary of the NHS gearing up for strike action? Of course we don't. 

"Every day, radiography professionals go into work for the NHS to do the very best they can for their patients. Our members work long hours for pay that has been falling behind average wages for years, because they’re committed to their jobs. And so we find ourselves here. Because we want the NHS to last another 75 years."

“The NHS was founded by a brave choice. In a Britain emerging from the trauma of World War II, facing enormous economic challenges, the Beveridge Report provided a plan for a new society. Many of those that Beveridge called the Vested Interests said a National Health Service was too complicated and too difficult.

Brave choices

"It's hard for that not to sound familiar as we see an NHS in crisis today. We need to realise that if we want the NHS to continue for our children and grandchildren then we need to stand together and make brave choices. As the post-war generation did, we need to face down the voices of cynicism. 

"SoR members across the four nations have been making brave choices in standing up for fair pay and safer working. We see this again clearly from those who have supported strike action and those in NHS trusts across England who will be taking action for a fairer workplace for themselves, a safer service for patients and for the very survival of the NHS.

"Everyone in the SoR is proud of our professions and proud to stand together with them.”

Image: Getty Images