SoR NHS Pay offer indicative ballot results

SoR members have overwhelmingly rejected the offer and strongly signalled they want to be formally balloted for industrial action.

Published: 25 April 2023 Trade Union & IR

Following the closure of our indicative ballot on the recent NHS England Pay offer eligible SoR members have overwhelmingly rejected the offer and have strongly signalled they want to be formally balloted for industrial action.

A significant number of members working in the NHS in England responded to the indicative ballot with over 80% rejecting the offer and saying they want to be formally balloted for strike action. The turnout is the highest ever in an indicative ballot conducted by SoR on pay and shows the strength of feeling amongst the SoR membership regarding the latest disappointing and derisory pay offer.

At a meeting to discuss the outcome of the survey, UK Council ratified the decision to move to a formal industrial ballot. SoR leaders will organise this to begin in June.

Leandre Archer, Head of Industrial Relations said: “Our members have spoken, and it is quite clear that they will not accept another pay cut in real terms. The latest offer does nothing to deal with the increasing pressure of the cost-of-living crisis they are currently experiencing and is less than half of inflation. Figures show that food inflation is rising three times higher than wages are increasing. Five per cent cannot be seen as fair and generous.

"Radiographers have been battling rising vacancy numbers and a depleted workforce coupled with ever increasing workloads over the past number of years. This has led to them working excessive hours with limited flexible working opportunities which is causing burnout and fatigue. Many are choosing to leave the profession as they cannot work under such conditions. Our members are seeing first-hand the increasing discharge times and the deterioration of patients on lengthy waiting lists right across the service and now they have said enough is enough.

"Fair pay is one of the ways we can attract people into the profession and with higher levels of staffing we can meet demands and ensure safe and effective care for patients."

Leandre continued: "The government needs to listen to Radiographers to avoid further escalation onto the picket lines, a decision must be made quickly to return to the negotiating table and provide a better offer. Our members are telling us that they are prepared to take a stand for fair pay and better working conditions and the Government must take heed as 95% of patients attending a hospital have either a diagnostic x-ray or scan or radiotherapy treatment.

"It is in the best interests of the patients and the NHS to address this issue without delay and put a plan in place to increase the current offer and provide a roadmap for pay restoration to ensure continuity of services."