SoR pay update for the NHS in England, NI and Wales

Society expecting 'protracted negotiations' and urges members to update their contact details

Published: 30 January 2023 Trade Union & IR

The SoR has issued a new update on pay to members, following the submission of written evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body (PRB).

Head of industrial relations Leandre Archersaid the Society would be providing additional PRB evidence in February, and issued the following statement by email to all affected members.

"Whilst we share the doubts of many about the PRB’s ability to deliver a credible offer, and so also supported the collective trade union side decision not to submit Joint evidence to the PRB, we have not passed up the opportunity to state radiography’s case for a substantial pay rise and a new approach to pay and reward.

"It is unclear what the outcome will be or when any proposed increase will be made. Despite seeking to engage positively in any discussions to improve members' pay and reward we cannot be hopeful that SoR members will be made the offers you deserve. Therefore, we are preparing for another year of protracted discussions, which could culminate in our needing to ballot SoR members for industrial action and / or action short of a strike."

Leandre said recent consultations of members had highlighted challenges around the efficiency and effectiveness of SoR communications. 

"For example, some complained they did not receive our emails during the indicative consultations intended to measure the appetite for industrial action. This will have impacted turnout. The low turnout indicated that if we had formally balloted for industrial action, we would not have met the legally required threshold in England and support in Wales would be limited – but how far this was impacted by lost emails is difficult to accurately assess.

"Therefore, up-to-date membership information is critical. If we ballot members around taking industrial action we want to have every confidence the returns fully reflect member wishes. Because of legally imposed thresholds that apply in England, out of date membership information could also disrupt our capacity to take future action there."

The SoR will be introducing SMS messaging to help engage with members at critical times.

Check your contact details are up to date

Have you moved workplace or home recently? Do we have your preferred email address or mobile number on our database?

It is quick and easy to update your details. You can do this online via the ‘My Account’ area after logging into or by contacting the membership team on 0207 740 7200 or [email protected].  

Make sure the SoR has your up to date home address, preferred email address, mobile phone number and main NHS workplace.