NHS pay offer "not acceptable" says SoR

The Society says it views the government’s 2022-23 pay announcement as extremely disappointing.

Published: 04 August 2022 Trade Union & IR

The Society says the 2022 pay offer for NHS staff is "a serious miscalculation" and is planning a major consultation to gauge the mood of the membership.

Those working under Agenda for Change will receive a flat rate increase of £1400, backdated to April 1 whilst those at the top of pay bands 6 and 7 will receive a higher amount so that the rise equates to 4 per cent.

"This is a serious miscalculation by the Government and shows a lack of understanding of the extreme workforce issues within the NHS. The SOR lobbied with the other health unions for an inflation busting pay rise and this pay award is far from that. Inflation is sitting at 9.4% and rising. This is a pay cut in real terms especially during a time of increasing cost of living," said Leandre Archer, SoR's Head of Industrial relations.

"Vacancy levels are high in radiography right across the UK and there is a constant drive to recruit and retain radiographers, this pay award will do neither.

"The government talks about wanting to decrease diagnostic waiting times and deal with the backlogs but without the increases to the radiography workforce as set out in the Richards Review (2020) these are idle words and recovery and renewal will not occur.

"Many of the departments throughout the United Kingdom are understaffed and SOR members are reporting working excessive hours to ensure service delivery. SOR want to ensure our members have safe working environments with safe levels of staffing which ensures optimum care for patients.

"This pay award is not acceptable and our members will be consulted to ascertain their views and opinions.

"National and regional officers will be meeting with representatives over the next two weeks to further test the mood amongst members."

A consultative survey starting on the 12th of August running for 4 weeks will ask our members in England and Wales what they think of the pay award and if they want to be balloted and take part in industrial action up to and including strike action.

Action planned by nation


There will be a number of online member briefings at 13.15  on the following dates:

  • 16th August
  • 18th August
  • 22nd August
  • 24th August
  • 31st August

Please email [email protected] to register for the briefings.



A similar approach has been announced in Wales. Again, our members will be consulted with the SOR national officer updating representatives and members via on-line briefings.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland Minister Swann has accepted the recommendation of the Westminster government but without a functioning executive or agreed budget no formal offer has been provided.

The NI national officer will use the time to continually lobby MLA’s reiterating that SOR members require a pay rise to deal with both the cost of living and the workforce issues. SOR will continue to fight to ensure parity with England is both agreed and acted upon. A consultative survey will be delayed until further discussions with other unions have occurred and a formal offer has been made.


In Scotland, SOR members are already being consulted following a final pay offer.

Members are reminded to complete the survey as the end date is the 10th of August.

Update member details

All our members are urged to update their details with SOR via online or by contacting membership directly at [email protected]  to ensure that they receive the consultative survey. It is vitally important that member contact details, employer and place of work are correct.