SoR seeks UK Council nominations for ‘strong and well-governed’ professional body

Nominations are now open, giving members a chance to direct the future of the Society and give back to the profession

Published: 11 March 2024 Trade Union & IR

The Society of Radiographers has opened up nominations for positions on the UK Council, giving members a chance to nominate themselves for the regional seats.

Positions are available for the London region, the Northern region, the North West region, Scotland, and Wales. 

Members who join the council will be actively involved in developing and promoting the advancement of the profession and the wider workforce, as an elected representative of the professional body. 

Effective governance and strategic direction

The UK Council of the Society of Radiographers is the board of directors and the governing executive committee for all SoR activities. Members of the council are elected from the membership by other members on a regional basis.

SoR council members help to steer effective governance, strategic direction and risk management of the organisation, and are actively involved in headline events such as the Presidential Inauguration, the Annual Delegates’ Conference and the Radiography Awards.

For the vacancies that are arising, members can nominate themselves as long as they have the support of four other SoR members, who will sign the application form to declare their support.

'Strong, democratic and well governed'

Richard Evans, CEO of the SoR, said: “The diversity of our membership is a huge asset, so we welcome nominations from across the radiotherapy and imaging professions for this role. We encourage nominations from those with a broad range of career backgrounds, ages, genders, ethnicities and disabilities represented.

“The SoR exists for members and is run by members, ensuring we stay strong, democratic and well governed for the long-term success of our union and professional body.”

Members will be to able nominate themselves for the following UK Council seats: 

  • London Region
  • Northern Region 
  • North West Region
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Nominations are open from Tuesday 5 March, and members will need to provide information about themselves, prepare a short election address and the details of four members from their region to endorse your nomination.

This election address should cover why the member is applying and outlining professional and personal interests. Should there be an election, this statement will be used. 

Nominations must be completed by midday 22 Friday March.

Where there is more than one nomination, a ballot will be organised in April 2024, allowing all eligible members to vote in this important democratic process. 

Democratic duties

UK Council members serve for a term of three years, with the option of standing for a further two terms – however it is important that members in the region are given the opportunity either to stand for election or to nominate another member to stand. This ensures that the Council retains democratic legitimacy.

Council members have a range of duties, including:

  • Representing and promoting agreed policies 
  • Representing the trades union and professional interests of all Society members
  • Developing and promoting the advancement of the radiography profession and the wider radiographic workforce
  • Undertaking campaign work as required 
  • Encouraging recruitment of members in the countries and regions
  • Attending and speaking at national and international conferences, events and meetings

To be eligible to apply, candidates must be a full SoR member of good standing and reside in the region or country in which they propose to stand.

SoR members seeking nomination can find more information here.

Queries related to the elections process can be sent to governance manager, Zoe Willenbrock, via [email protected].

(Images: Annual Delegates Conference 2023, via Eva Slusarek)