SoR Update on Wales Pay Offer

UK Council & Welsh Council are recommending rejection of the offer as it is far below our position of an above inflation pay award.

Published: 24 April 2023 Trade Union & IR

Early on Thursday evening, Welsh Government announced their pay offer for NHS Staff in Wales consisting of an additional offer for 2022/23 pay year and an offer for 2023/24 pay year. This offer has been negotiated in Partnership between Welsh government and Trade Unions.

The offer

The offer for 2022/23 consists of a lump sum for all Bands from 1-9 ranging from a value of £900 - £1,190. This is in addition to the £1400/4% awarded in September 2022, and the further award of 3% in March 2023, 1.5% of which was consolidated.

The offer for 2023/24 is an uplift of 5% consolidated to all Bands and further investment at Bands 1-2 to ensure all workers in Wales earn the Real Living Wage.

This link shows the changes in earnings should the pay offer be accepted.

There are numerous non-pay elements included in the offer from unsocial hours payments being paid after the first week of sickness absence, exploring reducing the working week to 36 hours without a loss in earnings and reducing the use of Agency staff to name a few.

To see the full Welsh Government statement of the pay offer, please see here.

Our position

The SoR has considered this offer carefully and UK Council and Welsh Council members are recommending that members reject the offer in Wales as it is far below our position of an above inflation pay award for all members.

We will be consulting members in Wales with a consultative ballot in the coming weeks and we urge all members to ensure their contact details are correct.

Please ensure we have your up-to-date contact details, particularly:

  • Email address
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Place of Work
  • Postal address

There will also be a series of drop-in sessions for members to attend to ask questions about the pay offer in Wales.

If you have any immediate questions please contact Caroline Hurley, National Officer for Wales ([email protected]) or [email protected] for more information, or [email protected] to update your contact details.