SoR welcomes return to pay negotiations in Scotland

The SoR have welcomed the indication that formal talks will continue around the Scottish pay negotiations.

Published: 11 March 2021 Trade Union & IR

The Scottish Government recommenced talks after pressure from the joint unions. SoR Scottish National Officer Yvonne Stewart will be party to these negotiations as a member of the Scottish Terms and Conditions Group (STAC).

NHS Scotland staff side representatives of the STAC issued the following statement:

Scotland’s health trade unions have agreed to commence formal pay negotiations with the Scottish Government and NHS employers from this week. 

The group wrote to the Cabinet Secretary last week to express their anger and disappointment at the process that led to the Scottish Government’s announcement that NHS pay negotiations would not take place until the summer. 

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Jeane Freeman MSP, met with the staff side representatives of the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee (STAC) this week and agreed to commence negotiations immediately. Terms of reference for the negotiations are being confirmed.   

Colin Poolman, Chair of STAC and Royal College of Nursing Scotland Senior Officer said: ‘Our members are clear that it is simply not good enough to push negotiations to the summer and blame the UK Government for the delay. Yesterday the Finance Secretary committed to ‘going further to deliver a fair pay deal’ for NHS staff. We are looking forward to getting round the table with the government and employers to negotiate the detail.’

Willie Duffy, Staffside Secretary of STAC and Unison Regional Organiser said: ‘We had a constructive meeting with the Cabinet Secretary and are pleased that she responded so quickly to our concerns and request to review her previous decision. This past year has shone a spotlight on NHS staff, their dedication, their skill and the sacrifices they have made in responding to the pandemic. We will be making the case for the value of this contribution to be recognised in their pay packets.’