SoR wins fight for equal payments

Significant victory for workplace reps over Waiting List Initiative payments at Worcestershire NHS Trust

Published: 24 June 2022 Trade Union & IR

SoR workplace reps have won a major victory in a fight for radiography staff to be awarded fair Waiting List Initiative (WLI) payments.

Zoe Hunt and Amy Ensell, SoR reps at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, heard that some members were due to receive lower WLI payments than other staff doing comparable jobs.

Untrained Endoscopy and Theatre staff got a flat rate of £22 an hour regardless of band or point of band while radiography assistants were told that those at the top of a band 2 would be paid £10.53 for time and those at the top of a band 3 would be paid £15.93 for time and a half.

After the reps registered a collective grievance on behalf of the SoR members affected, trust managers decided that the Radiography Assistants should receive an increase in WLI payment rates to a flat rate of £22 per hour regardless of band or point on the band and should also receive this backdated to 15 January 2019.

“The outcome demonstrates our local representatives' hard work and persistence in dealing with members' issues. The result is a significant victory for our members, ensuring that the core value of Agenda for Change, equal pay for work of equal value, is maintained. We would encourage any members in the same position to contact their department's Industrial Relations Representative,” said SoR regional officer Richard Pembridge