Vote now on the NHS pay offer for England - indicative ballot is live

The SoR has recommended that members reject the offer - now it's time to have your say

Published: 04 April 2023 Trade Union & IR


The SoR has launched an indicative ballot on the 2023-24 pay offer for members working in the NHS in England.

The ballot will run until 25 April and all those eligible to vote will have been emailed today (4 April) - if the Society has your current email address. If you have not received the email, you can vote directly here, or email [email protected]

SoR Head of Industrial Relations Leandre Archer told members in the email: "Your UK Council recommends rejection of the recent NHS England pay offer. We believe the offer is well below inflation, meaning it is a pay cut in real terms and does not help address radiography workforce challenges.

"It is important that you respond to this indicative ballot. If the majority of members reject the offer, we will use the result to decide if we can conduct a formal postal ballot, in relation to industrial action."

What is the pay offer for England?

For all NHS staff working under Agenda for Change terms and conditions in England there will be:

  • A one-off payment, itself made up of two elements for 2022-23. A 2 per cent award for all staff plus an additional Covid recovery bonus, equivalent to 4 per cent of the pay bill. This first part is subject to tax and national insurance but is non-pensionable.
  • A consolidated pay rise of 5 per cent for all grades of AfC staff for 2023-24 plus an additional payment to support the lowest band to bring them in line with the national Living Wage.

Read full details at the NHS Employers website.

Why is the advice to reject the offer?

The SoR has drawn up a list of reasons as to why the UK Council unanimously rejects the offer.

Leandre Archer said the offer did not deal with the major workforce problems within radiography: "We need to ensure our members are valued for the work they do and that we entice people into the profession. This deal will do neither as it stands.

"Our members, like the rest of the public, are dealing with a cost-of-living crisis and an offer of 5% for 2023-24 is less than half of the level of inflation which is 10.4% today. This is a pay cut in real terms which is insulting to our members."

Are your contact details up to date?

Have you changed your workplace or moved home recently? Do we have your preferred email address or mobile number on our database? 

It is quick and easy to update your details. You can do this online via the My Account area after logging into this website or by contacting the membership team on 020 7740 7200 or by emailing [email protected].

Make sure the SoR has your up-to-date home address, preferred email address, mobile phone number and main NHS workplace.

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