Annual staff survey reveals widespread dissatisfaction with NHS pay

Fewer than a third of NHS staff are happy with the amount of money they are paid

Published: 31 March 2022 Trade Union & IR

The annual NHS England staff survey shows that just 32.7% of health service workers are satisfied with their level of pay, a fall of four percentage points from the 2020 survey and is lower than in 2018 (36.3%) and 2019

The survey also found that just over half of staff were satisfied with the recognition they get for good work, down by more than five percent compared with 2020 and the lowest for five years.

Meanwhile, 42.1% were satisfied with the extent to which their organisation values their work , down around 6 percentage points from 2019/2020 (48.0%), and the lowest for five years (2017: 43.0%, 2018: 46.1%)

While 70.6% agree that their immediate manager values their work, this measure is down 2 percentage points and at a five year low.

Survey lead Professor Em Wilkinson Brice, NHS acting chief people officer (pictured), said the pandemic had had a big impact on staff attitudes to and feelings about their work.

"None of us are machines, and the last two years have had a knock-on effect which is clearly reflected in the Survey findings. However, as the results show, colleagues continue to step up and look after one another in the face of the pressure, with more people benefiting from extra support from their trust and line manager than in previous years," she said.

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